Marvel Fan rules for his Girlfriend for watching Infinity War

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This Boyfriend invited his Girlfriend on a set of rules for watching Avengers: Infinity War

When it comes to going to watch a movie in a cinema hall,  we always have one person who is annoying, disturbing and distracting us from watching a movie. Asks too many questions, doubts and have weird speculations for every scene as though he is a film director or screenplay writer. And also frequently checks his mobile, answers calls, go to loo, get in to the canteen to buy some snacks and cold drinks. We all have been in one or the other situation where we got really turns off the mood.

This man strictly set the rules

A true Marvel fan ironically named as Superman sent a list of strict rules to his Girlfriend if she wants to join him to watch Avengers: Infinity War.

Started his text by inviting her to join him for the movie Avengers: Infinity War and she instantly accepts the invitation by replying “Yes Dear”


The ground rules are:

  1. I’ll buy you whatever you want before the movie. Candy, popcorn, drinks, even a hotdog. But you can’t ask for anything during the movie.

  2. No talking during the movie, I can’t be distracted. You got questions? Write them down, I’ll answer when it’s over.

  3. No hand holding, it’ll distract me and I’ll miss things I’ve waited 10 years to see. Save your cooties until post post credits scene(s). Kissing also applies.

  4. If a main character dies, we cry together, if you ain’t crying. you walking home. I need you invested in this.

  5. If you cancel the movie date, I’ll need 24 hours notice so that I may replace you with a suitable viewer, most likely Jesse. If you cancel last minute and I have to watch alone, you’ll be hearing from my lawyer.

  6. If a crazy white guy wants to come up in there trying to ruin the movie by shooting at people, I need you to take him down quickly and keep him under control. Wait until after the movie to call the police, I don;t need the commotion interrupting the movie.

Following all rules will warrant a trip to your favorite ice cream place after the movie.

Any questions?

That was the end of that rules sent by Superman to his Girlfriend.

What will you do when you go to watch your next Movie. Set these rules for your partner or have your own. Choice is yours.

Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments below !!


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