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Welcome to ‘Baghazal’, for the thorough review of star YouTube creator Satya the man behind the YouTube roaster channel “The Satya Show“. You might have probably watched many videos of The Satya Show and is well aware of this YouTuber – Satya.


Let me give you a short introduction about him. His full name is Satyakaam, a former Radio Jockey, started a YouTube channel in 2011 “Low Budget Satya Show” after gaining popularity changed it to “The Satya Show“.



Past to Present

This channel was started on Sep 02, 2011. Almost from past 6-7 months, he is quite active and uploading videos frequently. Before that he used to just disappear and upload his videos once or twice in a couple of months. This started a funny question from the viewers out of curiosity for not uploading videos in the comment section “Satya did you die??”
We are missing this funny questions now because he is quite active and started a new format to entertain his viewers – 02 videos every week and called it Viral Fuddu 2.0 – Thursday & Sunday. Later began to reintroduce his old format of Trashy Videos on public demand which he uploads on Thursdays and Viral Fuddu Videos is assigned for Sundays. And who could miss the funny characters he comes up with to entertain. And the one-liners. #WeedEnergy #SadaSexyRaho and #GanjaGanja



Roasting Genre

He covers all genres. Whether it is entertainment industry, political parties, ministers, businessmen and any video which goes viral on the Internet. The best part what I like is he is unbiased. Roasts everyone and spares no one. But in the end, gives a message and encourages us to be a better person, a better citizen and we all relate to it in one way or the other. There were many national level issues I came to know about only by The Satya Show which was not much covered by Indian News channels. This kind of awareness, boldness, and audacity to deliver the message in a humorous way can only be done by Satyakaam.
I honestly like his videos and watched all of them. What I don’t like is when he tries to roast someone on any religious matter. This is something very sensitive and he must not bring it up for some laughs. Anyhow this he does very rarely, which I noticed just twice or thrice. You may check out his tweet below on Twitter. Where he mentioned the term religion and showed respect for all with #HumbleRequest.

Viewers Suggestions

Many viewers complain why is this channel not garnering more subscribers, views and never shown on the Trending page on YouTube. Well, the answer lies within the comment section. Many comments suggest that he needs to more frequently upload videos, must make the thumbnails more clear for click bait, must use Hindi more than English and add more tags.

I feel that viewers don’t really share his videos much on social media because he makes fun of everyone from politicians to actors. Sharing such content might hurt someone. So, viewers just watch it and enjoy the videos.

Social Media Accounts

Below are his social media accounts links. So please Like, Follow and Subscribe.



Channel Stats

The Satya Show channel has over 179,000+ YouTube subscribers and 24+ million YouTube views to date. In the last 6 months, this channel has seen significant growth in the number of subscribers and views due to his regular video uploads and the community is happy about the type of content is delivered.

I wish this channel to grow and have over million subscribers and have gripping content.
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